Our work. All below cases are running live in our infrastructure.


  • Development and hosting of middleware for sports content delivery network to mobile platforms.
    Using a redundant and scalable cluster of Linux and Oracle servers, we have built a generic platform that can distribute real-time sports data to a variety of mobile handsets and applications.
  • Development and hosting of middleware for tablet (e.g. IPAD) applications
    These middleware servers do account checking and content distribution for tablet and smartphone applications. A fully redundant infrastructure.
  • Hosted payment environments.
    Various hosted online payment environments
  • Deployment and hosting of transaction-based infrastructure for loyalty systems.
    Various popular Dutch loyalty systems use our infrastructure to process and store all transactions.
  • Magento hosting for various customers in the apparel industry.
  • Redundant and scalable WordPress CMS for a Dutch utility customer.
  • Redundant Drupal CMS hosting for an international airline customer.
  • Videostreaming servers
  • Servers for customer contact using chat-in / video-out.
  • FLV and MP4 streaming sites for automotive industry.
  • Transcoding and streaming platforms for mobile handsets.