Managed Hosting


Using our extensive infrastructure, we can deliver managed hosting on various locations offering a range of redundancy and SLA options.


Examples are:

  • Fully redundant hosting of your applications on our networks
  • Colocation of your infrastructure, managed by HostGhost Hosting
  • Distribution of your content via our Content Delivery Network
  • Redundant infrastructure using single IP range on multiple physical locations
  • Virtual Private Server deployment and virtualisation of physical servers
We run our own infrastructure including routers, switches and redundant transit to multiple connectivity partners. This means that we have control over most part of the process chain as it comes to hosting – so we can guarantee an excellent uptime, performance and troubleshooting effectiveness.
Managed hosting means we take care of the health and performance of your servers. This includes hosting, connectivity, server monitoring, system upgrades, security patches and possibly application management. And of course action when it counts – our 24×7 troubleshooting and emergency service.
We can offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for various application types. Our 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) manages multiple locations, thousands of ip addresses and hundreds of (physical and virtual) servers.
HostGhost HOSTING is RIPE LIR member. As full RIPE member we are a Local Internet Registry which means we can apply for AS numbers, Provider Independent IP Space (PI) and Provider Assigned IP Space (PA). If you desire your own PI space then we can advertise this address block (at least /24) for you. PA space means IP addresses from HostGhost’s ranges that can be used for our customer’s transit/colo plans.
We started virtualising servers already several years ago and have acquired a lot of experience. Our typical customer has one or more managed physical servers, each with multiple virtual private servers running on it, in a redundant or load balanced setup.
HostGhost HOSTING can offer domestic Dutch transit as well as global transit via several partners.